About the Angela Hires Husband Search

Angela ManfrediHelp Wanted: Unique position available for success-minded single man to help never-wed singles columnist experience the practical side of marriage for two weeks.

Responsibilities include: Rescuing me from the perils of intrusive dinner party conversation, car concerns, household handiwork and hurricane preparations. Applicants should be proficient at displaying enthusiasm and rapt attention while listening to a vivid, detailed account of my entire day.

The ideal candidate: He possesses the ability to express (in a gentle, flattering, non-verbal way) that the outfit I’m eyeing is better suited for one of Li’l Kim’s back-up dancers.

What's in it for him? For better or worse, until the end of our employment contract do us part, you could consider this espousal exercise groom-ing for the real thing, a refresher course, or just a great job opportunity!

The competition: When the selection committee comes to a consensus, finalists will convene in Palm Beach County to participate in a series of challenges which may include:

1. Answering questions such as: “Do I look fat in these jeans?”
2. Testing ESP, memory, and “Woman Speak” translation skills.
3. Hurricane preparations
4. Planning and executing dinner arrangements
5. A game called: “Help! We’re already late and I can’t find the keys!”

When the challenges are complete, finalists will gather on the beach where I will be waiting in a white diaphanous dress, painstakingly picked from the new arrivals rack at Marshall’s. Surrounded by friends and family, against the backdrop of a sun-streaked evening sky, I will hear those five fateful words from the mouth of an intelligent, well-groomed, witty man in a moment that independent career girls dream of: “Angela, will you hire me?”

From there, my "husband" will be chosen.

Details: Flexible Hours. Good Pay. (Benefits? Let's just say this relationship is strictly financial, not romancial.) Accommodations provided at job site in Delray Beach. Previous husband experience not required. Lack of cat allergies a must. Apply via an in-person local interview or send a VHS or DVD that demonstrates your originality, personality and any special skills. Include information about your career, daily life, hobbies and talents. For more info, mailing address, rules and eligibility, and an application, click on Apply.

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