Flirtationship: A Romantic Present
without a Future...

Angela Manfredi 2006©

Angela Manfredi I recently wrapped up a flirtationship.

This time, it was a hottie dentist, who, despite the saliva - suction contraption hanging on for dear life to my lower lip, seemed to enjoy my once-a-week for a month, and twice-yearly follow-up visits.

I never thought a dental appointment would warrant a blow-dry and a spray tan, but these pretend dates were better than the real deal; unencumbered by a rundown of past relationships, free from familial analysis, and pleasantly devoid of the idiosyncrasies that start out as endearing and end up as, well. not so much.

Even though I had learned to value this type of dalliance for what it was, (and more importantly, for what it wasn't), I still wondered about his life outside the office. Did he have dates that didn't require a tray of shiny metal tools within reach? Could their witty banter measure up to those meaningful moments when he would ask how my weekend was? "Uh wa guh," I would answer in Novocain-speak, while angling to check my eye-make-up in that tiny round mouth mirror.

On the flirtation scale, he was inching towards a 7. Guys who are spoken for shouldn't flirt past a 5, right?


Like so many other let's- not - get - to - know - each- other- better scenarios, this one met its demise with the definitive flirtationship buzz kill: Meeting the girlfriend. Just as I was settling comfortably into the ultimate relationship- that- could- never- be, the introduction to his pretty, tangible sweetheart landed with a THUD on my psyche.

I shook it off and added this "ship" to the list of other relationship traffic-calmers such as vacationships, weekdaytionships, and revelationships that force us to tap the brakes and recognize the many ways we interact without crossing the border into couple country.

Hottie dentist greatly improved my smile. To celebrate, I head to the local coffee lounge for a latte and a visit with the babe-a-licious barista with whom I'm enjoying a very satisfying conversationship.

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